Dissolve the Inner Conflict

We always get RESULTS with DISCIPLINE
But only when using the EXCEPTIONAL TOOLS

What you are now is the result of your past experiences. You can’t talk your way into something else.
Only through new enriching experiences can you free yourself from what enslaved you, 
unleash your hidden potential, and be done with the trials of life.

"Thanks to the
Crowned Heart Program,
I defeated a level of
suffering that I did
not believe possible
to overcome. And it
made me so much
more efficient at work."

Terry Bailey,
United States Marine Corps


"This training
provided a
dramatic increase
of my abilities
a SWAT member
and a detective."

Ron Elges,
SWAT Team Leader
Sergeant / Detective


Relax and Eliminate Stress
Cure Insomnia and Increase Concentration
Heal Depression
Heal PTSD Permanently
Reverse Suicidal Ideations
Return to Full Functionality and Redeployability

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Get Ready for a POWERFUL Change


There have been groups of warriors in history who were in service to a cause greater than themselves,
adaptive in their missions, and they did not return from combat and fighting with PTSD,
suicidal ideations, depression, survivor's guilt, addictions, or stress.

They returned at peace without having to adapt to civilian life.

This is because of the efficiency and effectiveness of the coping mechanisms they used
to handle the traumas they had to face.

Among these warriors were the samurai, and shaolin monks.

The Super Soldier Project is established to teach the wisdom and powerful coping mechanisms that free the modern day warrior
from PTSD, suicidal ideations, survivor's guilt, addictions, and stress, and unleash the hidden potential within.

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